Anna came to me for help creating a logo for her upcoming social documentary called The Ubuntu Project. She had a strong idea of what she wanted the logo to look like and needed someone to bring it to life. I designed both black and white, and colour, which we then applied to print and digital media.

In order to raise awareness of the film we designed some posters, these were created for print format and for use on websites, social media and in digital adverts. Other print design included some post cards to encourage interaction after people have watched the film.

My last tasks were to update her existing Squarespace website with fonts that matched her new logo, to add a top bar encouraging people to book tickets for the premiere and to add new sections to several pages featuring all the event premiere details. Future work will include adding the option to buy and download the film directly from the website.

  • Logo Design
  • Poster Design
  • Post Cards
  • Website Updates
  • Photo editing
  • Web Development

"Thank you for your beautiful work, Elaine. I found the process of working with you very reassuring and encouraging. You helped me figure out exactly what I needed and I loved the work you produced. Your level of communication was excellent!"

Anna, The Ubuntu Project